Finally made it to the Needle

So far since living in Seattle we've kind of avoided the Space Needle. We didn't really have a huge desire to hurry to get to the top. We knew when someone visited us the occasion would arise naturally. This was that time. We finally went up...

It was actually more fun than the two of us had anticipated it would be. There were tons of people and shops around the needle which just created a fun lively atmosphere. Luckily it was a clear day and we could see some very pretty views from up top. (we had dinner there so the viewing area above was free)

Since we had dinner there as the sun was setting we took a quick look back from the observation deck before we left to check out the city lights. Looking back at the needle as we walked to the car it looked pretty majestic too. I think I like it more now :)

O and the restaurant rotates! It took me awhile to get used to it actually. I remember my mom saying when her and my dad went to the rotating restaurant in Cincinnati people would leave things on the edge to rotate back to it so we put our wine cork on the edge and happily we made it back around to it and someone added a "hello"!! Have to say it kind of made my night we found it again. As we spun we started coming across other people leaving things like coasters, tic tacs and someone put another cork on next to ours. I think it's pretty fun! It takes about 45 minutes to go around, we did 2 rotations.
It was fun to look at our city from a vantage point we haven't been to yet.

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