College Friends Visit Pt. 2

We were so excited they were coming to visit because we knew it would be relaxed and easy going while still being able to fit in a lot of food and running around. Those are our favorite visitors and they were great. It was so fun to just hang out with them.

Saturday we went kayaking and headed to Fremont Brewery. We had all gotten a beer and as we're sitting there the rotating tap was emptied and lavender grapefruit IPA replaced it so naturally we had to all another to give that one a try. Decidedly that place is dangerous you could sit around all day just waiting for another one to run out to try their next new experiment.


We walked around Gasworks park a bit, headed to Ballard for some milkshakes! and to see the fish in the lock. The locks were full of fish!

Then off to sushi for dinner and hot cakes for dessert (melted chocolate heaven)

Monday they headed off on their own and we grabbed pizza for dinner and checked out the Fremont Troll, lastly finishing off with a night view of the city from Gasworks. O and of course we watched Perfect Pitch in the living room that night.

4:30am the next day we whisked them off to the airport.

So so good to see them and to run around Seattle with them. They made us miss home though...

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