Home Again, Home Again

This past weekend Joshua and I flew home to Cincy to celebrate my siblings 21st birthday and our friend's wedding. It was a really great trip and I'm so glad we got to spend quality time with people (hard to do at Christmas) Also can't believe my little babies are 21! Haven't wrapped my head around it yet.

We're so glad we went home! We fit a lot in so I've given you a picture timeline to fill you in :)
My mom and I picked Erika up from school.
I'd never seen her college before so she showed me around.
I wore my shirt and jumped from our van screaming and waving my
arms after her down the walkway to her dorm (geez I'm embarrassing)

While Joshua went to see Nate and apparently
 they ate Larosas and cut down trees.

The next day the ladies went shopping and Josh
and Colton went to have fancy hot dogs

That night we cooked pizzas over the fire and avoided
the rain by moving the party into the garage.

My mom being goofy

photo by my madre
The next morning Joshua got up early to run a 14K
with Nick which ended with free beer.

They ran through downtown

We borrowed a giant Connect 4 from our neighbors and gave it a go

Then headed to our friend's wedding reception

Where some game involving Frisbees, points, drinking beer from a
tube, knocking a bottle off were all involved, no one understood

We hung out with family to celebrate the twin's birthdays
with cake, steaks, & badmitton
Then headed to Oktoberfest downtown to feast
on some brats with sauerkraut & beer

o and of course food items that include goetta (goetta mac!!)


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