Watercolor packages

My friend Jasilyn had written down on her 24 before 25 that she wanted to make a watercolor. So I sent her a message and we decided to get ourselves going and not slack off we'd come up with a topic and a deadline and mail each other our corresponding watercolor.

Last time it was night sky which you can see on her blog here
and this time the topic was built (you can see Jazz's on her blog here)

I usually loathe what I've painted but this time I actually quite like it, even if the second to last rock looks like a red potato :)

I did zen rocks for built because when we go hiking I like to knock over the zen rocks stacked up. Josh calls me evil but it's like how you'd build up blocks as a kid as high as you can so that you could then run into them. My zen is found in knocking them over :)

I love getting mail, to an  irrationally high degree, and this project has been really great for me to start being creative in my free time as well as up-ing my incoming mail :) Really hoping to keep it up with her!

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  1. I loved your zen rocks! And the story behind them! I laughed to myself. I like how minimalistic your paintings are. I'm too literal, I think. But I'm super excited for this next one!

    Also, I need to start using more water in my paintings.