Mini life Goal

I've always wanted to learn how to knit.
I've tried to learn multiple times and always given up in frustration.
This time I went to the yarn store and bought a nice skein of yarn to motivate myself
I removed the packaging so I couldn't take it back, I had to learn
So I started practicing on some cheap yarn and watched videos
I failed at getting it started a dozen times and then all the sudden one worked
and then another one and then I went on doing it until 2am that night
I did it!!! I learned to knit

And to solidify that goal I took it on the bus the next day and knit on the bus!
Not sure why but I wanted to do that almost more than I wanted to learn how to knit.
I've always thought people looked so cool, so even though I keep missing stitches
here and there I feel super cool on the bus :)

Have to practice more before I'm ready for the nice yarn, but I'm so excited
(Eeee! one of the many strange noises I made when I finally got the hang of it)

Also below is Hilary our newest plant (she's a venus fly trap)
I tried to feed her an ant and she wouldn't go for it, but eventually I will catch her in the act!

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  1. I'm the same way. I get frustrated too easily and give up. Which is why I love your watercolor idea!

    Also, that's amazing you have a venus fly trap. There is a flower store I pass on the way to work and they sell them and I always want to stop and get one. I'd probably name it Mario or something because they remind me of those plants that come out of the tubes in the game.