Neighbors are something you usually don't choose but then also have some strange relationship with. You trust them to get your mail while you're gone, water your plants and watch your pets. It's a very different relationship than all the other ones in your life I think. But it is also one of the coolest potential relationships at the same time. I mean they're right next door. If you run out of eggs they usually seem more than happy to help, more than happy to give, sometimes to a person they barely know. They are there when you need them in a way that usually good friends fulfill but since they're there and close they sometimes step up. It's so unique.

We've been blessed with amazing neighbors in Seattle.

I asked to borrow my neighbors oven once because I'd overdone it and filled mine. He was about to hop in the shower but he happily smiled yes and even preheated it for me. Another neighbor let me sit on her floor upset the other weekend and poured me a glass of whiskey and just listened, and then checked on me later that week.

I think I love neighbors, I know you don't choose them and that you don't always get the best ones but I think it's such a unique relationship and it's one not to take for granted. They're people with lots of depth, problems, and personalities not just a plant waterer. I'm so glad I've come to realize that value while living here. My neighbors have actually taught me things about myself and shown me grace in a totally new way. We've had really interesting discussions and debates about life, movies, and cooking meat.

It's a relationship no one but those people in the apartments next to me can be in. The spontaneity you can have with neighbors, the honesty of it because especially in apartments they see so much of your life. The many ways to show love in very obvious ways (one neighbor brings our packages to our door) is so present and I just don't want to let the be meaningless or not let them mean enough or be important enough.

Just something I've been thinking about and been truly thankful for lately. I've come to love my neighbors as people more and more this year and it is an amazing thing.

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