While he was out

Hubs was in Portugal for 2.5 weeks recently (sad faces)
I'm not awesome at being alone, extrovert over here, but luckily I had lots of friends willing to let me crash their weeknights. The last week I even unexpectedly had dinner plans every night with different friends. Got to try some new restaurants and by the time I'd get home I was to pooped to realize I felt lonely. They were all such blessings to me while he was gone.

Also the weekend before he was back I took the Boltbus (west coast version of megabus) to Portland to hang out with my friend Kayla. Mostly we ate and shopped and had a relaxing weekend. It was fun to spend time with her and also the perfect reason to not spend the time sitting on my couch all weekend counting the hours until Joshua was home.

My neighbor even let me borrow her car to go pick him up from the airport. Super duper happy he's back but also was able to use up every ounce of time to hang out with other people I love!

Just a few photos from Portland:

we also watched Magic School Bus!

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  1. Kayla25.9.13

    I am so glad that you came to visit!!!