Swimming in Seattle

We live near Greenlake which has an awesome 3 mile path around it,
coffee shops nearby, cute docks jutting out into it and also swimming
areas with diving boards (high ones)

We've never swam in Greenlake. We've been there so so many times but only ever dipped our toes in. A few Sundays ago after our training ride (35 miles with some big hills ugh!) we put on our suits and set out to conquer swimming in Greenlake. It was a little cold and I may have squealed loud enough that a man next to us started laughing at me but we did it! We were very proud of ourselves for finally getting around to it, we said we're really Seattleites now. We even swam out to the dock in the middle and I jumped off of the high board. I looked over the edge and freaked out momentarily but finally went for it (Joshua can't put his head under water without an ear thing, long story, so that's why he didn't jump off)

hubs water wallet
We laid in the sand and attempted to get tan lines and felt like we were on a beach vacation all day. It was really lovely. We topped it all off with face size margaritas and rode our bikes home feeling very accomplished :)

photos taken on my dad's film camera that I've stolen and will never give back
Also this was a few weeks ago I was lazy getting my film developed (didn't scan in as well as I'd hoped)

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