Colroado Springs visit

Last weekend I flew over to Colorado Springs to visit my lady Katy. She was there for the summer and we snuck in a fun weekend before she started her drive back to the Midwest. Having been in Utah the weekend before I thought I might be used to the dry heat- wrong. Whew I've seriously turned into a heat wimp since moving to the Northwest :)

Sadly she broker her leg a few weeks before, but it ended up creating a really fun more relaxing weekend. She always finds the most fabulous places so we grabbed craft beers, played jenga and pool, I got her into soccer, had dinner outside, drove over to the Navs castle, hung out and toured the Olympic training center out there, found some fabulously wonky donuts, had a picnic complete with Graeter's ice cream, and drove through Garden of the Gods.

Overall it turned out to be pretty dang great. Miss seeing her face regularly and just sitting with someone that gets me so it was a total treat to have her to myself a whole weekend :)

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