The Elrod's take back July

That is our mantra for this month : The Elrod's take back July

We've been saying yes to everything and after a great adventurous month of June we are ready for a little break. So this past week we did a few chill hangouts, made dinner in our apartment and ran to the beach. We spent this weekend in our neighborhood reading books at coffee shops, walking around in the sunshine and to the fruit stand, playing mancala at a brewery, played lots of guitar and wandering around the seafood festival (great music this year)

Joshua accidentally got a filter stuck on his photos and couldn't get it off
(ha so hipster looking now)

a random amazing bluegrass group we stumbled
upon in the Salmon Bay Eagles Establishment,
they let us and we got an amazing free concert

So far July, you've been just what we've needed!

Also one of the nine machines Joshua is building came through the Ballard locks on Friday so a bunch of his coworkers all came down to watch it. It may only look like a giant white box but inside is a freaking awesome 3 story tall machine that rivets together airplanes partially designed by my husband! He's the coolest and I'm the proudest!

We also finally hung up the last bike so I'll have some apartment photos up soon.

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