Ocean Hikes

After the almost no campsite fiasco we woke up the next morning to a lot of rain. But silver lining, the campsite guys makes espresso! Amazing! We got of to a late start trying to wait out the rain and then we hiked an easy 3 mile hike to the ocean beach and wandered around all that day. The hike in was all very well maintained but still fun because it felt like a wild rainforest that you just happened to have a few feet to pass through. We even discovered a pretty burly looking buck while wandering through a clearing.


We found a great dry spot to heat up some amazing beans and rice dish Nicole made. Oh man a hot lunch on a rainy hike seriously made my day! Then we ran around in the sand for awhile and started to wander farther down the beach.

this little guy wanted to be our friend

The ocean was at a very low tide and a bunch of kelp and other plants made it look like the ocean had thrown up all over the shore. We swung on a buoy hung from a tree, played in the sand and chased the waves for a few hours before we headed back.

While waiting for the ferry home we happened upon a $1.50 waffle soft serve cone!! and a live pretty awful dad rock band which made for a pretty fun end to the weekend.

It was one of the best 4th of July's I've had in a long time and even though we didn't really plan anything it all happened to work out just when it needed to which kind of added to the weekend's magic!

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