Our New Lofty Apartment

This is our new place! It has a strange wall color strangely paired with a bright orange wall and really steep stairs and full height walls blocking off the bedroom. It's awesome! Joshua described it as my dream apartment minus a giant exposed brick wall, and it is. (We even still have a tiny strip of brick that we put our record player under, it's our hearth) I've always wanted a loft and this one has beautiful 20ish foot ceilings and bay windows all the way to the top. We even got to hang our bikes, which makes me feel cool!
hearth :)
steep stairs
all six bikes tucked safely under the stairs

kitchen with no counter space! so we got the cute wood hutch to fix all our woes!
We feel so lucky to have found this place! It feels like we're in a permanent coffee shop that caters perfectly to us! I love leaving the door open with a record on and hearing all the people walking by and sometimes friends randomly popping their heads in. I also leave the door open hoping a puppy will walk in and then I can trap it and make it mine, so far 2! have wandered in but only to the doormat. I think they saw the hunger in my eyes and knew I was thinking of how to trap them inside to snuggle them to death.

worlds largest bathroom, more counter space than kitchen, weird
view from above, love throwing blankets and pillows over the edge
largest bedroom I've ever had and it has a fun bunk bed feeling 

That's it the Elrod's new abode, come visit!!!

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  1. Anonymous1.8.14

    Wow! That's a gorgeous and colorful apartment you've found there. The floor plan looks amazing and the kitchen looks really cute. Seeing your new place is making me quite nostalgic when I was scouting my first apartment. Anyway, I hope you guys are settling in nicely on your new abode. All the best to you guys!

    Verna Andrews @ Re/Max