Work Parties Galore

We randomly had a lot of work parties to go to this weekend. First up was a dinner at one of Josh's boss's house. The guy went and dove for crab for the party! He also has the best stockpile of fancy wine so it was a fun night and nice to hang out on the patio with everyone.

Next up one of our favorite people in Seattle, James, is leaving. He threw a dinner thing at a friend's house and made so much delicious food it was impossible to stop eating. We sat around the fire, they made up songs and we ate and ate. I brought a chai chocolate cake and whipped a can of coconut cream to top off as frosting. Sad thing to get together for, but a really really great night.


Last up my work had a summer picnic at the zoo. We got free admission and some grilled burgers. I was pulled into facepaint and luckily managed a recognizable puppy on a very cute little girl's face. Then we walked around the zoo with some coworkers until we found dippin dots (one of the main reasons we wanted to go to the zoo) and fed the birds some seeds. Another really beautiful day in Seattle so we just mozied around outside in the sunshine.


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