The 4th on the Olympic Peninsula

A few new friends invited us to head out to the Olympic Peninsula with them for the long weekend. It turned out to be a fabulous weekend. We drove out to the Peninsula Thursday night, headed across on the ferry, and found a great camping spot for the night. The next morning we hiked a 10.5 mile hike, Marmot Pass. This hike had a log of great features and ended with some great views of snow capped mountains. It ended at a pass that was grassy and warm, nestled between larger hills/mountains on our sides. We saw only one marmot though, but it counts as 2 he was a big dude.

All the colors of the wildflowers mixed with the shifting fluffy clouds really made this feel a little enchanted. We made it through the hike before the clouds overtook the mountains too which was really lucky.

Then we needed a site for the night and they're all first come first serve so we ended up driving 3 hours across the entire peninsula before we found a spot! near Lake Ozette. But that night we had a blast, we cooked up a pretty elaborate dinner, set off a few roman candles and sparklers before we got yelled at, and played with Nicole's LED hula hoops. She was so fun to watch and her hoops made patterns as you used them so we all had to give it a try.

fireworks or a wizard :)

Up next the ocean...

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