Thursday is date night!

 Last night Joshua and I both had just worked 12 hour days and couldn't wait to get out and find some good food and hang out with just each other. We have had Thursday as date night for a long time. In Cincinnati it was the only night of the week we were guaranteed to see each other. Now we're married :) and we see each other every night. Therefore now date night is a great chance for us to explore the food in Seattle together. We have both worked a lot this week and date night last night was so needed and so relaxing. It was Joshua's turn to plan and he found a place that had $4 champagne and the kind of pizza we love- thinner crust with lots of fresh fun toppings and cooked in a brick fire oven. The Mona's had open windows and great food and our server was from Ohio! It was a warm night and it was fantastic!
I tried the hair-do out from Rockstar Diarie's NaomiNew favorite so easy!

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