Comfort Food

I'm laying on our kitchen floor waiting for my cow timer to go off indicating that the espresso cupcakes I have created are done, it's midnight. Josh had to do some work tonight so we made espresso, jamming to the Decemberists and Ra Ra Riot and then I just ended up baking- no surprise there. I'm so excited these were the first desserts I made with Agatha, My orange mixer. I'll explain in another post. She is very photogenic.

As I'm sure is evident by now Joshua and I name everything- cacti, ducks, mixers, miniature snowmen- we can't help it- it's a gift.
This weekend we took naps- lots and lots of them while watching Big Bang theory and eating coffee flavored ice cream with roasted cocoa nibs (I bought them at Whole Foods a year ago because I liked the packaging, thank goodness they are actually crazy yummy) We also got Indian Food because we were missing home and we decided that is our comfort food.
Since I was feeling homesick this weekend my hubs stepped up to save the weekend and took me for donuts, another major comfort food (someone at my work said comfort food was proven by science to help- I agree)

 I love taking photos of him eating it's so amusing, he doesn't agree- or know I'm putting this on here :)
One of our neighbors has 2 cats that roam around. They like to visit and came into our apartment to play the other night. They found our closet and seemed to enjoy it the most. We like pretending we have pets. Cats aren't the favorite but we swear these act more like dogs.
So overall relaxing, lazy weekend, but it totally rocked. Hope yours was awesome! We're thinking of all of you!

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