Shakespeare in the Park

I love going to free Shakespeare shows. My friend Laurie and I went to see one in Boston and it was a huge production with a stage setup. But this one in Volunteer Park is simple. Pretty much no set but they do such a great job. And it really showcases how great the plays are. We saw Anthony & Cleopatra. It was actually really funny. Of course everyone dies in the end but Cleopatra was such sarcastic drama queen and when it happens in Shakespearean talk it is a riot!
Plus we are now IN LOVE with macaroons. I didn't get it they looked so hard and uneventful in flavor. But man o man they are sweet and soft and crunchy and melt in your mouth. We now dream of them!!!!
Since Pike Place Market is only a few blocks from work I went during my lunch hour and bought us goodies from my favorite places there. We had quite a fantastic spread of all things terrible for us.
Still putting our wedding napkins to good use. My mom packed them in our stuff :)

I love old soda bottles, plus they are super tasty

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  1. I took a Shakespeare literature class during Winter quarter. I really enjoyed it!

    I've never tried macaroons. I want to though! :)