Watermelon Lemonade! & Sculpure Park

We started the weekend off right with watermelon lemonade, caprese, and bread sitting on our porch. Yum!

Watermelon lemonade:
1. cut up a whole mini watermelon (seedless is best or you have to pick them out :/ )
2. mash the watermelon until all chunks are gone; I don't have a masher so I use a whisk
3. add a 1/4-1/2 cup sugar and mix; your preference
4. add 10-12 lemonade; not the koolaid kind the real stuff
5. add 1/2-1 cup cold water & mix it all
6. dip rim of glasses in water and then in sugar so they look cute
7. pour in glasses and enjoy, it rocks!
 We also happened upon Bike Polo promo downtown. I think we're actually going to go. The Bike Polo World series are in September here. My bike loving hubs was sold :)
 Really fun smashed pottery wall in Pike Place Market

 Sculpture park was so fun it was a gorgeous day and although  Hempfest (hahaha) was happening and ruined some of our plans we had fun running around the park. It slopes down and reveals more sculpture and paths as it gets down to the water. Plus we could just hang out in the grass. Anyone shocked I'm trying to catch the orange one :) haaha

 And of course gelato was involved. Raspberry and Blueberry!

We walked around downtown all day it was great but exhausting.
We miss all our friends and family a lot lately. But we've been skyping and such which has been really nice. Plus my friend Kayla sent me a bunch of Chicago newspaper crosswords which I'm obsessed with! How sweet is that! We really always think about how great the people in our lives are and when we feel down you guys always unexpectedly come through.

And my little sister Erika is in college already! Josh and I are so excited to skype and see her dorm soon. I know I'm not old but that makes me feel like I can say I do soon. I really hope she loves it and lets everyone see how awesome, amazing, and beautiful she is


  1. I want watermelon lemonade? Did you make it?

  2. Yeah I made it
    But I didn't add all those cups of water, maybe only 1/2 to 1 cup because I wanted lots of watermelon taste. Also I used a whisk to mash the watermelon which was quite effective! Do it!

  3. erika11.9.11

    Thank you soo much for what you said, i cried of happiness and it just made my day!! thank you for thinking of me!!! Lvoe you guys and i see you are enjoying Seattle!!