Apartment updates

We've done some craigslist shopping and thrift store thrifting since I posted our apartment photos. For instance we now own a real couch...So I thought I'd share some photos.

I'm going to post some wedding photos soon and share a little bit about it. Our family and friends helped Joshua & I make almost everything. We had so many loving hands helping our wedding happen and it meant so much to us. I'll share more about it soonish

Until then here are living spaces updates

 I have had this fruit hanging thing for 3 years and I finally hung it from the ceiling and put fruit in it for the first time ever this week. Those bananas are bound for banana bread next week and I can't wait.
 Our bedroom art wall is growing! It has- a ticket stub collage I made from highschool, a photo print that our awesome friend Aurora sent us as a wedding gift, a painting I bought from a woman in Chinatown in Chicago, E is for Elrod, a music poster collage I made for DAAP freshman year that Josh loves, a gas gauge from our gas can money that Dave and Nick put together for a wedding- fantastic reminder of all the great people we have supporting us!
 A COUCH! It is purple but sometimes it plays tricks and seems brownishy. Also Dahlia pillows that I got from etsy- MARIESCOSYCUSHIONS she hand printed them and shocker they are orange :)
I found this sweet hanging mirror ball for $2 at an antique store near our apartment. It is being reserved for my air plant that I will be ordering soon!!!

Tomorrow is our 2 month anniversary of being married and I must say that I am still very happy that I married my hubs. We think we're really good together I cook-he cleans, I hit snooze-he shakes me awake, I buy-he saves, I bake-he loves sweets, I like him-he tolerates me= love :)

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  1. I love the additions to the apartment!