A  G  A  T  H  A !
my orange kitchenaid mixer and I think I'm in love. I was so excited to use it. My work, ZGF architects threw me a wedding shower/graduation party before I left to come back to Cincinnati and they pitched in to buy me the one gift I never thought I'd get. It is truly one of the nicest things that has ever been done for me. I will always be thankful and now I'm even more thankful because they hired me and I get to work with some really awesome people.

 I made espresso cupcakes and then I didn't think the buttercream that the recipe said would go well on top so I made a white chocolate ganache then topped them with chocolate covered espresso beans or roasted cocoa nibs. I brought them in to work because I promised everyone that I would make them something with my mixer. They seemed to go over well and Joshua and I loved loved loved them. They were crazy moist from the cup of espresso I put in and they are just so cute!!
Well now you've met our Agatha, Josh named this one. You'll be seeing many more of her creations I'm sure. We really want to make my dad's bread soon and she has a part for that.  O and our cow, Felix, creamer was involved because it was 1 am when I was making these and I was feeling a little goofy, plus he's a cutie.

It was beautiful and warm here this weekend! We went to Capitol Hill on Friday and had tacos and went to a microbrewery it was really tasty. We biked like ten miles on Friday and then ran 5 miles on Saturday morning so Sunday we treated ourselves to banana nut and mocha ice cream- we deserved it.
Have a great monday!


  1. Glad you hear you like it. I might have to pass this on to people here at Whirlpool...that's about as strong an endorsement for a product that I've heard in a while.

    BTW, I'm enjoying hearing about the adventures you guys are having out West. Keep it up.