Arboretum and Chocolate Martinis!

We biked to the arboretum this Saturday. It was a ridiculously gorgeous day!
The Arboretum has floating bridges that we walked across to a marshy island. It has trees growing all above you and then docks poke out from it to hang out by the water.
Please note how stinking adorable the duckling is! His mom was close by it was as if she took him to the playground for the day. He kept crawling on the lily pads. I'm pretty sure I spent 10 minutes repeatedly telling Josh to look at how cute it was!
We caught part of the Blue Angels show from Seafair. They flew over us in formations a few times. Man o man they are so loud!
 The rest of the park has a ton of paths that wander all over. We took a long rest in the grass. The sky was so blue. We ate fruit snacks too :)
 Josh had never seen this blue of flowers before, He wasn't sure what to do with them.
 Dahlias are my FAVorite flower!! The button orange dahlias are my all-time favorite. Seattle has a few dahlia gardens and they make my day.

 We headed to volunteer park to check the garden out. I smelled and touched pretty much all of them.

We biked to capital hill and ended the night with coffee chocolate martinis! Just YUM yum yum yum

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