Peach Cupcakes & Apples to Apples

Josh and I went to a small group BBQ on Wednesday and it was such an answered prayer. We met a bunch of young married post college couples.

#1 they loved my cupcakes (which means I already liked them)
#2 I mentioned Josh and I liked to ride bikes and one girl (with gusto and excitement that I normally use for things that scares people) yelled WE RIDE BIKES TOO. (which I loved) So we even found active bike friends
#3 One of the girls said she was surprised Josh isn't awkward since he's an engineer- I gave him up and said that he was but that he also thought it was funny to be awkward just to watch people squirm. Then another guy said he liked to do that too and then proved it further along in the night.
#4 They all gave us their phone numbers without us asking, one girl even said if we do something fun to invite her and she'll come (so I'm taking that as she means she'll actually hang out with us :)
#5 We could laugh and joke with people that got us, made fun of us, and some live near the best gelato place that Josh and I bike to a lot so we can call them when we go and have friends.

So I didn't say what the list was - sorry- I think it was just me being so excited to have met some really great active our-aged people in Seattle and that was just some of the great parts of the night.
Josh and I have really been struggling with how we make friends here and how to make sure that we don't attack new people we meet with the sole intention of wanting them to like us so they'll be our friends. We've prayed about it a lot together and last night God just threw an amazing blessing at us. We're so so thankful. I know He can be subtle and wait but it is really nice sometimes when He just throws it at you. And I really hope that we stay conscious of that.
We were walking to our door and Josh started to talk and then stopped because someone passed us-  I asked what? He replied am going to exurte my excitement by dancing but I want him to pass first (funny hubs)
O and we were invited back!
So thank you for your prayers for us and I just wanted to share this because sometimes it feels hard and like you're pretty alone and we were starting to feel really down about finding a support system out here and how to connect without just wanting something but instead by sharing ourselves with others.
I apologize I know this is a little scattered but it follows how our thought process haha.

We're thinking of and missing you all. Happy 3 day weekend planning!

Josh teases me that this is turning into a food blog, 
but my peach cupcakes just made us friends 
(I'm joking!) 
 but seriously they were good- Peach Cupcake with brown sugar frosting recipe- didn't love her frosting with the cream cheese didn't suit them well enough. I'd make a regular brown sugar frosting next time. I like cupcakes where the icing just suites the cake not decides it wants to compete, but maybe that's just me.

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