State Fair

Saturday we went to the Evergreen State Fair. I've never been to a fair and now I understand why - it is expensive and if my parents took all of us it would have been $70 before we ate or rode anything. But I'm so glad Joshua and I went. It was one of my favorite days with him. We ran around eating blooming onions, bbq, cotton candy mmmmmm. We rode the ferris wheel, tilt-a-whirl (which I always remember my dad being good at getting us to whip around), and a fun house (I'd never done one). We also played  the carnival game where you shoot the star out (my sister has it on wii carnival and we thought we'd give it a try in real life) Neither of us won, but I beat him :)There were cows, pigs and pig races!, goats, cats, dogs, horses, flowers, vegetables, race cars.
It was an absolutely amazing day- felt like kids running around in the gorgeous sunshine all day and buying fried foods.
I took 178 photos bahhh so I posted only some below!
THEY HAD PIG RACES! It was just too stinkin cute
They were actually fast

I wanted one of everthing!!! He was so fuzzy

cliche, yet always pretty ferris wheel photo
Josh was making cute noises at the sheeps

I love cows and they were everywhere.

The alpacha didn't want to be pet, but we knew they were soft. So we sneak attack pet one when it wasn't looking. It was worth it.
The vendor said the cotton candy wasn't flavored but it totally tasted blue

All the roosters were making noise, we couldn't stop laughing.


So you weren't supposed to pet them but I touch everthing! So some had their butts to the cage and I grabbed a quick pet.

Jasilyn this is for you!

I love the textures at carnivals it's colorful blissful chaos.

bloomin onion- YEAH
Clydesdale horses- they were all braided and glittered up. But their fuzzy feet were Josh and I's favorite part of them.

Mallorie we really wanted you there to talk to the goats :)
Fun house- we got to take a slide out of it.

The champ

But he looked so good trying

on the ferris wheel. We could see mt. rainier

It was a giant fair

And our cart was orange and number 4- my favorites- what are the chances.
so many old rides

Afterwards we went down to the mexican place at home by the water and had chips and salsa and margaritas and met 2 other people randomly. It actually turned out to be really nice. We haven't hung out with tons of people out here yet (everyone has super busy summers either visiting home, no one is From Seattle, vacations, hikes, so many weddings and such) So we had a really fun time chatting with the random people we met.

Very relaxing Saturday though and we had so much fun together. Now I'm off to make bacon date scones and go hang out at greenlake while Josh is bike riding with guys from church.


  1. I love touching all the animals too! I'm also so glad that you put my name in the guinea pig comment! :)

    It sounds like you are having so much fun exploring Seattle! I want to go out there so bad. One thing I am excited about for my future is moving somewhere and being able to explore a new place, but right now I can only do that vicariously through you!

  2. I want to go to the state fair!!! :) The pig race must have been hilarious!!! and I can literally hear josh talking to that goat..haha!! It gave me a chuckle.