Breast Cancer Walk & a Seattle Murphy's


This Sunday was the Breast Cancer Walk. My work had a team and Josh and I went. I really like the idea of doing active things with co-workers. While on the walk I was talking to one of the girls and she said that when she started biking to work more people starting talking with her. She realized it was because they had more things in common now. I had never really thought of this. Getting drinks and lunch together would be so much more fun than just venting (which is sometimes needed!) if you knew or did things together you both liked. So now that I am aware of this I'm excited to seize the opportunities that will foster this.

So besides being a rainy day- which happens for every walk that ever happens I think, it was fun. Only a 3 mile walk but it was nice to walk around Bellvue which we've never been to and see the outfits people were wearing and the insane amount of things that come in pink.

When Joshua and I don't feel like sitting at home or being really active on the weekends we go to Murphy's. In Cincinnati there was a Murphy's that we went to every week. It was a really great place to invite friends and eat free hot dogs and play darts. We had a lot of great conversations there and even made some new friends. Well we found a Seattle version of it and it is named Murphy's. We play darts and buy cheesy fries. Once when it was pretty dead the owner came in and bought us top shelf whiskey and then gave us our own honorary Murphy's pins :) For us it just feels a little like home and when you need comforting from missing home finding a small piece of it really helps.
Plus! I finally got Clark's!! I've been wanting them forever as a more comfy shoe option for work. I wear flats to work mostly but my feet get cold. My only solution has been to wear long socks- my long sock collection has pigs, chicks, frogs, and neon stripes on them which then everyone at work sees.

I know they are pricey but I donated most my shoes when we moved to Seattle and Joshua and I have a DEAL!!! He wants a pricey new video game and I love shoes. So whenever one buys one of said objects- electronics or shoes the other gets one of their said objects as well.
We think it's fun & fair! And I love fairness (when you have 4 siblings you know when it is or isn't fair and so now Josh always teases me because I like to be very fair about even silly things)


  1. you should post a pic of the clarks!

    I miss murphys! those hotdogs...the popcorn!! YUM! Nick and I dream of visiting...then we can all go to murphys!

  2. We so miss Murphys.
    I hope you're saying you dream of visiting here because that would rock!

  3. Emily Craig16.10.11

    i used to pass that murphys all the time on my way to the grocery! I'm glad you guys went! I never had anyone to go with... :)