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One of the gals from small group said our apartment is like a gallery- it kind of made my night. I love the artwork and photos we've collected and I love even more that most or them are personal to us- either have something to do with our lives, jokes, or from someone we love.

The new piece that finally arrived in the mail is no exception.
For our honeymoon we drove across the country and towed all of our bikes with us. We also biked everywhere on our honeymoon.
We didn't buy and souveniers really on the whole trip and we don't really want to post photos of it we took at an arms length all over but it was an experience of a lifetime but I still really wanted something to remind us of that trip.
I found this artist on etsy who uses maps and bikes and creates really fun collages. She happened to have one of
Colorado- including Boulder where we were for 5 days of our honeymoon and lived on our bikes
Seattle- our destination where we now bike more often than drive
and I had her make me a custom of Cincinnati- where we started and first got into biking.

I really love that it tells a journey and progression of our lives and it will forever bring back floods of memories from our unique honeymoon that only we can share in!

Also I made more postcards!
We absolutely love recieving all of your postcards. I can't believe how many wonderful people have though of us and sent us a little note and we can't THANK YOU ENOUGH, we really cherish them and hearing a little bit about you. We have them all kept in a cute drawer in our library cabinet!

 I think the Missoni chevrons from Target were inspiring me :)

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