This week at church our pastor was just praying and reminding us to be thankful and one thing he said has really stuck with me all week. He said 'and let us be thankful for the companionship we have whether it be few or many'
That resonated with me a lot and really brought on some peace. We are making friends and we feel like we have people we could go to. We're connecting with people at work and don't go out to lunch alone.
But his prayer really meant the most to me because I know coming out here with Joshua that we get to be each other's companions and at time only companion. Which we are finding to be a really beautiful thing. It is almost our 4 month anniversary of being married which will be the longest we have ever been in the same state while dating- over 3 years.
It has been so amazing to see how God uses our 'fewness' in the companion category to make us stronger and help us decide what our new family is and who we are together. We're discovery the plan God has for us together and it has been really hard but also truly amazing. We don't have it figured out yet but even when I feel lonely at times I have my companion with me and he always feels like enough.

Joshua and I have found this to be our biggest adventure. Most people ask us about Seattle and work but not many ask about how marriage is. So I've decided to tell the whole world (whole world being small populus that will read this) a little bit about how marriage has been for us. This is our adventure- not hiking and food :) but how to be one another's companion. Our marriage counselors told us that in their marriage counseling he said that he was just looking forward to hanging out with her all the time. Being best friends. And we're discovering how to do that and find joy in it with one another.

Sorry I don't normally talk about stuff like this. .I think it can too easily become something that Joshua and I have tried really hard not to do with our relationship. A lot of people close to us aren't in relationships and I don't think it is my part to constantly tell them how great or interesting mine is. But I hope some of you will just find it uplifting instead. Few or many- they are still companions that love and are good enough and worth being thankful for, no matter who they are! God shows up for us through the people in our lives a lot, even the unassuming people in our lives.
I'm really going to work on being thankful for just that!


  1. Ah this post is great! I love it, I am so encourage to see how the Lord is working in this area because I know that it has been hard to start off in a new city :)

  2. :) I needed to hear that too! Good pastor. We feel the same way. I'm so happy you guys are so in love. It brings me such happiness to eavesdrop on your love via the blog. :)

  3. Thanks guys! It's been really cool how support keeps coming to me when I'm really down.