Trunks, Silver goblets, and Copper mugs... Oh my

This weekend we drove around downtown seattle to thrift stores and antique malls. Most were along the water and near the piers so we took little walks down those as well. It was a really nice day and we had spend all morning in bed reading and Josh made me breakfast in bed. Mostly I was shocked that he let me eat in bed haha ( He loathes crumbs!!) I had banana chocolate chip pancakes with real maple syrup and a tall cold glass of milk and I didn't even have to stop reading. Thanks hubs!

We stopped first at the Salvation Army so we could get some of our shopping bug out on things that we can afford :) And when we got there it happened to be a special weekend where everything was 1/2 off!! So there were tons of people but we came out with silver plated wine glasses that match our silverware (also tarnished real silver- they were my great-aunt Florence's), 4 copper mugs, and a cute glass container to hold our syrup that I decided I needed.

At the next antique mall downtown there were a lot of fun things. Josh got an old tool that he has been wanting because now they are all digital and he wanted a manual one to play with. And I got my trunk!! We've been looking for one to put my socks and such in considering right now they are in cardboard boxes and they are all so expensive- We found this one for $20 and I knew it was the one. It has it's shipping info printed on it still and it was sent from Chicago to Washington.

We took a photo at this same place last year when he came to visit. 
I was also wearing the same skirt :)
We found a random trailor where a guy drives around to bars and shows off PBR artwork inside of it
We also had lunch from a little fish shack down on the pier. We tried clam chowder, which we now love, and fish and chips. This was my first taste of fish, I was a baby about it but made it through. Since it was covered in fried stuff it tasted like nothing and I told Josh I keep giving it a try in baby steps.

We went to 2 more and the last one was gigantic & expensive. But we had a lot of fun running around and pointing things out to one another.

When we got in the truck to go home Joshua said - we just spent a whole day antiquing, wow we act like old people :)

And then to add to that we brought out our new toys and had wine and cheese night on the trunk on the floor of our living room!

I want to share this because it was such a great happy collaborative accident. On our way to church Sunday we were out of cereal so I said I'd make eggs. I added some mushrooms, onion, basil, cilantro, cucumber, mozzarella; threw a few pieces of toast in the oven. Then Josh realizes we have to leave in 2 minutes and starts putting the eggs on our toast into sandwiches and wrapping them up in foil. We walked to church while eating our egg sandwiches like burrios and it was awesome!! And since we're always almost late for church ( even though we are freakishly early to everything normally) I'm sure we'll do it again.

Then we felt like real Seattlites on Sunday night becase we went running in the rain.

P.S I'm really happy to say that my grandpa is home from the hospital! Thank you for your prayers.

 & My little sister Mallorie is engaged to her man Tim. We are so excited for them and I am crazy excited because I get to help with designing her invitaitons!! YAY!! Not so happy that I am now only allowed to be a matron-of-honor, super happy to be married to the hubs but matron sounds so doughty. I therefore self-proclaim I am her Mrs-of-honor, we'll see if she goes for it.
Congrats guys!!!

Have a fantastic week! Ours is looking rainy.


  1. LOVED LOVE LOVE this! super fun. my dad has an old register like the photo shown...i've requested possession of it... but he treats it like a small child and refuses to give it up.

  2. The guy checked us out with a great old register. So stinkin cute. I'm sure you'll wear him down :)

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