We've decided to go with 4-versary!
(Since we haven't been married a year yet I'm odd and decided anni wasn't right yet)

This week was our 4th month of being married and also the longest we've been in the SAME STATE since we started dating 3 years ago!

SO we were really excited and giddy all day. We couldn't wait to get home from work
We got a little dressed up and went to Thai Tom which is a thai restaurant that always has a crazy line out the door and only takes cash and only fits like 15 people.
It was so stinking tasty I'm tellin' ya. We had a blast and got so much food and thai iced teas.
We are so excited to be with each other every night and get to make our lunches together (I'll be honest he usually makes the lunches in the morning- I dawdle) and Yay for more versaries!!!

The restaurant was crazy and we were in the middle of it. The insanely fast cook was directly in front of us. When he was done with the food he put it in front of us and the waitress and she reached around us to get it. It was so fun and energetic. Rap music was playing in the background and it was a PERFECT night!


  1. Emily Craig21.10.11

    you kids are freaking adorable :)

    i was so addicted to thai toms when i lived a few blocks from there, i probably ate it once a week! haha thai cafe just doesn't compare....

  2. O really- what did you get there? I love Pad thai and am to chicken to try something else but if you recommend it I'd probably consider it!

  3. emily craig26.10.11

    i used to get either the pad thai or the pad see eu (not sure on spelling....) but according to my roommates, anything there is delicious! :)