24th Birthday Park Party

It was my 24th birthday last Saturday but since hubs had secret plans all weekend he threw me a friend's party in the park on Thursday. Rain almost forced us inside but at luckily moved away before party time.
It was really fantastic to have all the people that make Seattle rock in one place!

I packed the party straws, and I was teased, but they loved them :)

Liz made me a jellyfish pinata!

Joshua grilled on his new $20 grill (he's proud)

I blew out sweet candles! (Joshua made the cake!)
He's cheering because Liz said however many candles I left lit were how many kids we were going to have hahah, he was excited I got them all. (A joke between our friends)

homeade funfetti cake (more pics soon)

Best pinata ever- it had taffy, frogs, tea, lychee treats, toys, AND mini bottles of whiskey, rum and vodka
a grown up pinata! It was so cute!


  1. This looks awesome!! :) I hope you had a fabulous birthday! also--I have irrational fears that you won't like our child. lol

    1. HAHA I like kids, he's the goofy one. Don't worry though we already like him. We've been talking about cute things to build him.