Garden Updates

YAY most of my plants are surviving. The basil has shriveled and the cat has dug in the back corner a few times and the bok choi is being eaten by something... BUT

My strawberries are forming and so far there are about 10

The parsley and cilantro are full and I've been able to start throwing them in our meals.
Plus a dahlia bulb from a plant Joshua got me last spring is starting to sprout! It sat outside in a dirt filled pot all winter and I thought I'd give it a go, so far so good.


Now for the little guy below- I named him Ricardo.
We bought bok choi from the farmers market over a week ago, then we went to Portland and forgot about it. We came back and I thought I'd put it on pizza. When I pulled it out I noticed it looked like it had been eaten (which it hadn't looked like when we bought it). I opened the twist tye to chop those parts off and out came this brown thing. I flicked in onto the counter and then.....it's little feelers started to pop out, and then.....it started to move! It was a slug!!! Still alive after a week in our fridge! He stretched out to be an inch long and left a trail of slime behind him when he moved.
I made Joshua put him outside. ICK
And no we didn't eat the bok choi- unless you were curious


  1. If you are having problems with birds, use tinsel or cassette tape. If you string it around the garden, it will reflect the sun, scaring away birds. Snails and slugs can be dealt with by a shallow dish of beer. They are attracted to it, fall in and drown. Items chewed on by slugs are harmless if you wash them. ;) Love you guys!

    1. I put beer in a cap out by our bok choy but got nothing. I'll try again though. THANKS!

    2. P.S. We love you too!!!