To a Portland Wedding

We drove down to Portland this weekend to go to our friend from Cincy's wedding. We hung out with him on our Thanksgiving visit to Portland and had actually met the girl while we were there, not dating yet. It was really cool then to be able to go back down for their wedding to support them.
It was also a nice way to spend the weekend with some Cincy friend's that flew in for the occassion.

of course we went back to vodoo donuts :)
 We had Friday day to ourselves and we took the light rail over to the zoo and arboretum. Ah it was so warm and sunny - it felt great to be outside!

Of course we also ate at food carts, we also ran into our friends grabbing donuts for the groomsmen which was pretty funny. We had grilled cheese from a cart and sat in the sunshine. It always feels so awesome to watch people around you working when you are vacationing!
How handsome is he!!! It was cute until we left his suit at the hotel and had realized so an hour into the drive home. But alas the suit was recovered and it was also frappy hour at Starbucks then... so we were easily contented.  :)

We spent the time with our friends enjoying the market, laying in the grass and drinking lots of coffee and beer. It was glorious!

We have a part 2 daycation we took too which I'll have pictures for soon- spoiler there's a fantastic waterfall involved

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