Last Friday was our 11-month anniversary! So I suprised Joshua and took him out on a hot date :)
We went to Bottleworks in Wallingford which has a bunch of local beers

Then we went to a place called Tilth for dinner. It was so so good! They have a seasonal menu and it was all so fresh! We were even fancy and got appetizers. Plus hubs got salmon and I ate a whole bite- I even chewed it.

Then we of course finished off with gelato.

Part of me can't believe it hasn't been a year yet while part of me can't believe that I'm married to this fantastic man to begin with.
I was talking to a friend recently who went out with his wife for his anniversary. He was talking about how nice it was to go out and celebrate themselves and being proud of themselves. (Sorry, He worded it much more eloquently) But I knew what he meant, it was really  nice to have a night where we went out  for the sole purpose of celebrating our marriage. Dating anniversaries never meant anything to us but I think celebrating our marriage, which is hard work and continually taken to another deeper level and which constanly has life getting in the way, is an accomplishment that I'd like to keep celebrating.


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