Scratch-off cards + DIY

As I've expressed before I love sending mail. But sometimes I don't have a ton of new things to say...
So I recently made a batch of scratch off cards to send to my friends. They are just kind of goofy and say that I miss them but they get to help finish the message

I made a template on the computer and printed them out. I made a fun note and them made 3 options for parts of each sentence and put a number above the options. Then I made scratch off tape:

2 parts acrylic paint
1 part dish soap
clear packaging tape
foam brush (dollar store has them)
wax paper

1   put tape on wax paper
2   mix the paint and soap
3   using the foam brush paint the tape
4   let dry and do a second coat
5   then cut into desired shape
6   peel off wax paper and place on card

I had trouble getting the paint to not streak and leave open spots on the tape so I put a little less dish soap in and that seemed to help.
Also when cutting the tape you want to use avoid the very edge because some paint could have gotten underneath and if you use it the paint underneath will show up even after you scratch the top coat off.

Then I cut the tape to fit over the options and voila!
Now when my friends recieve them they get to scratch off 1-3 to see what their unique message ends up being...but it's left up to them.
Plus who doesn't love scratch offs! Just makes me smile, which is what I wanted to achieve.

P.S. The cutting does take a little while but just drink some peach lemonade and put on some tunes- you might have fun
Also I was thinking they'd be postcards but then realized they would probably get scratched in the mail, so I'd recommend and envelope!

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  1. I didn't realize YOU made them! So cute! I love mine! :)