Ballet Class

I danced when I was little (like grade school little) but in middle school I was told I had to choose between dance and soccer. I was a very big tomboy and obviously chose soccer. But I've still always loved dance. I've always wanted to go back. I started talking to Joshua about it and he encouraged me to find a way to do it. Lo and behold I found an adult only ballet studio 4 blocks from our apartment AND they were reasonably priced. So I signed up! Now I have 8 weeks of very beginning ballet (haha aka I know nothing class)

I've been to 3 so far and I LOVE IT! It is so fun! There is a live pianist!!!, wood floors, ballet bars, mirrors and I bought a pair of ballet slippers (did you know you have to sew the elastic on yourself?!)
My teacher is really great, she uses all the french words and really kicks our butts with holding out poses and keeping them until she corrects everyone. It has turned out to be a really good workout and something that I've come to treasure every week.

Hubs just keeps calling me his Ballerina Wife and asking me to show him things I've learned. He always starts laughing though because he says I have the most giddy smile on my face everytime I show him things.
I'm so happy he pushed me to do it! Being married has really shown us that we also need our own activities. If I could I think I'd call in sick every day to spend all my time with him but in reality that's probably not healthy, since we've both started adding in things where I do things with a friend everyother week, he plays online with his friends every Tues, I have ballet Wed, etc it has really made it more fun to come back together and get to tell each other about our experiences and show each other new things. For the first year we were kind of sad every time we had to do something apart but now we are learning it can bring us closer too.

Plus that means every wednesday hubs is in charge of dinner. And boy does he impress-
portabello mushroom & pepper fajitas and sparkling juice :)


  1. I took ballet at that place when i lived there too! I love that place!! I totally wish there was somewhere that i could take ballet that close here in cincy :)

  2. We miss you guys. Love reading about the ballerina activities. Way to pursue it, and Josh kudos for encouraging your wife.

    1. It just made my heart happy to hear from you! We were just talking about you guys the other day. We truly miss you and you are in our prayers! Hope your summer has been awesome!