Tempeh Lettuce Wraps

Our friends gave us home grown lettuce- a lot of it!
But we had just bought some romaine from the farmer's market and I really didn't want to waste any of it or eat salads for every meal, so I went with lettuce wraps.

You could put other meat in them but I really like the nutty taste and the texture of crumbled up tempeh
The hot pepper can be left out but we really enjoyed the kick

1 package tempeh; crumbled
1/3 onion; chopped
2 pepper; chopped
3 cloves garlic; minced
1 small hot pepper; minced
toasted sesame seed oil
handful of parsley; chopped
S&P to taste
1-3 tsp soy sauce
head of lettuce
feta for topping

1   saute the tempeh, onion and pepper for about 3-5 minute in the toasted sesame seed oil (or regular oil, I used it to add flavor)
2   then throw in the hot pepper and garlic for a few minutes
3   add parsley, S&P, and soy sauce
4   serve in pieces of lettuce rolled up with some feta

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