my yeilding garden

I was so excited when I went to water my garden the other day and saw orange heads poking up from my carrots! So, being impatient, I dug one out. They are so cute, I love them! I have quite a few more that I'm going to let stay in the ground for a little while longer, but I'm so proud of them!
We've used up most of our herbs, except the cilantro which became coriander because I didn't water it enough :) And our strawberry plant produced 10 strawberries total. The onions are small but are starting to poke up and I'll be digging those up soon!

I'm so happy that some of it worked out so well..and with, umm, so little of my loving attention.
But I have kept all of our air plants and cactus alive for a whole year :) I named them so they get more love

I can't wait to plant more next year, But I do think after I pull up my arugula plants that I'm going to plant some kale. I'm told it's the Northwesty thing to do

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