A wedding!

We went to a wedding for one of Joshua's co-workers this weekend. It was at they Olympic Sculpture Park which is a really beautiful location! I got to meet a few more of the guys Joshua works with, eat free food, free drinks, dance to some Passion Pit, and hang out in a beautiful setting celebrating 2 newlyweds. We had a really good time, especially considering we knew less than 6 people there.
sculpture park while the sun is starting to set


the newlyweds

They gave out blinking bikes as favors! We all wore them
Plus there was a photo booth and I'm pretty sure the group of us have 1/2 the pictures in the batch

Met a few new people, plus some old. I love when his coworkers have wives!!!!!
Especially super fun goofy ones that make up awkward drink names :)


this is the boys dancing ALONE on the dance floor at one point :)

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