Erika invades Seattle.2

Erika LOVES the zoo so I snagged cheap zoo tickets for Saturday and we spent all afternoon there! Wow we have a really cool zoo. They habitats for the animals were so cool! Plus the animals were all roaming around while we were there which is much better than when they just nap and hide.

We fed the birds, but the very colorful ones were smarter and would just grab your seed and fly off with it.

we found dippin dots- which really rocks
Erika and her elephants!
I asked Erika what she wanted to pack for our lunches, she said carrots haha. So we got the big ones

They had an elephant poo paper making station, hubs and I just watched :)

This is the route we walked all day! We almost walked 9 miles on Saturday!
We rehydrated with ice cream and iced coffee on the way there and back

Resting at Greenlake before the walk back home

We headed over to Ballard for amazing mexican food
and on the way back we showed her Gasworks!
We take everyone here, and always will it rocks!

It was a very full, very fun day. We were all very worn out though!

Check out Part 1 , Part 3 to come...


  1. i love your shirt! i thought about getting one as well :)

    1. :) I thought since I don't live there I'd like to at least represent out here (Said with a gangsa inflection)