Climbing Mount Si

Saturday we hiked Mount Si! It is 4 miles of steep switchback trail up and then 4 toe smashing miles back down. But at the top of the trail there was a 200 ft scramble up the side of rock- no designated path.

I was really proud of the 4 of us! We got up the trail really fast and were all able to scale the rock face. I have never had to scale anything at the end of a hike and it was pretty stinking scary but also it's what made the hike so COOL! We had a pretty cloudy day but were blessed with a few breaks in the clouds so we were still able to see the views!

 The 4 of us scrambling :)

 That edge goes pretty much straight down!

 We got to watch the clouds roll by

After the grueling hike we all watched how to train your dragon.

By Midnight though hubs and I had only had iced lattes for dinner and were hungry. I'm pretty sure I was being annoying because I decided nothing in our apartment sounded good. But because my husband is so patient and amazing he just smiled and took me to the store and told me to pick out whatever sounded good. And when I was off wandering he grabbed me some orange flowers! I love late night escapades with him. He's the best!

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