Chocolate Noodles

When Erika and I were in Pike Place market we were given chocolate noodle samples. They were weird, but intriguing. Which of course means we bought some and made them later that night. We got the raspberry and chocolate ones and made creme anglaise to top it off with.
Joshua ate the ENTIRE plateful and thought they were fantastic. Erika and I each ate about 1/2 of ours. At first we took small bites then we started to really enjoy it and then at about the same time the fact that they were noodles AND chocolate hit us and our brain started messing with our tastebuds :)

Overall though they were actually very tasty, just really screws with you head.
The creme anglaise though was so fantastic! It's like a custard, you can top things besides noodles with it though such as cakes, pies, tarts, or just throw in some fruit and eat it in a pretty cup! I'd really like to make it again and layer it over top of a spongey fruity cake with some homeade jam!

Creme Anglaise:
recipe from noodle place in the market

tops off 4 platefuls of noodles, 1 cake, or 6-8 dessert custard cups

1 cup heavy cream
2 tsp vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract
4 egg whites
1/3 cup sugar

1   prepare a bowl with ice water and place a smaller bowl inside of it
2   in a small skillet heat the heavy cream and the vanilla bean paste
   (if using vanilla extract don't put it in yet) medium heat
3   while heating whisk the egg whites and sugar together until smooth
4   once the heavy cream mixture begins to bubble around the edges remove from heat
5   pour 1/2 cup of heavy cream mixture into the egg mixture and stir well
6   then pour all of the egg mixture into the rest of the heavy cream
6.5  (if using vanilla extract stir in now)
7   place back on the heat and stir constantly until the mixture will coat the back of the spoon
be careful if you leave it on the heat too long it will begin to curdle (still tastes fine just not as nice of a texture)
8   pour mixture through a fine mesh (or just leave it, depends on how silky you want it)
9   pour into the bowl that has been sitting in the ice bath to let it cool
10 serve once it has cooled

the bananas and raspberries were delicious with it as well!

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