Bike to Work Month

It's Bike to work month and I've signed up this year. It's 6.2 miles each way and I'm a little nervous. Our team is the Dirty Half Dozen. I have to ride at least 4 times this month. Eeep.
Joshua rode with me the first time down. Blows my mind sometimes how thoughful
he is because then he had to bike right back home and go to his job

My office does have a shower but that still sounds like a lot of work and getting up too early. But I recently found a hairstyle that works while wearing my helmet and still leaves me work ready hair when I arrive.
Which is a big deal for me! Then I can just rinse off and be on my way.

I split my hair into 2 sides and tease the tops of each side
then loosely twist each side back to my neck and bobby pin them
then I take the hair left over from the end of the twists and roll it up to the bottom of my hairline
(which keeps it out of the way of the helmet)
then I bobby pin it in place and give it a few squirts of hairspray

Now if only I could figure out how to not look like a goober in a helmet I'd be all set

Plus look how cute: the calendar I made happens to have bikes drawn on may :)

Our office let us pick from a few lights that we could get because they are focusing on safety this year. I choose the spoke lights, because I already own other lights. You can program them to say up to 16 letters!!! How fun, who knew!?

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