To Canada : Vancouver

For our 3-day weekend we wanted to finally make it to Canada. We 
live so close to Vancouver and have been itching to get out there.

We had a great sunny weekend so we walked across the bridge to get a good view of the city and walked to Granville Island which has a fun market with lots of tasty foods and handmade goods.
We hung out along the water and took an aqua bus back over instead of walking across the bridge again. Ha they were cute and tiny.

Then we lounged around the other side of the water and sat in the sand.
I'm loving that the sand is starting to get warm finally.

Then of course we had poutine! It's fries with gravy and cheese curds- it also tastes like happiness!

We stayed in a hostel which had a fun bar beneath it so we hung out down there that night and then the next morning (my birthday) we walked around Stanley Park which is huge and so pretty. Finally we headed across the bridge to our next part of the weekend.

Canada : Squamish

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  1. I've heard British Columbia is absolutely beautiful. I've never been to Canada and I've lived in Cleveland how long?

    Also, poutine sounds interesting...