To Canada : Squamish

For my birthday we headed to Squamish to go hiking and camping. We hiked to Shannon Falls and then up the Chief Trail. O the Chief Trail. It started out fine, pretty waterfall, sunshine, a few rocky paths. Then, Then it started going straight up hill with stones kind of acting as steps that were a 2 feet step up at times, weird meandering rocks that were somehow the path, metal ladders to climb, chains to help you get up inclines and a giant GIANT rock face to climb up to the top.

It was hard, a very hard hike, I teased that it wasn't very nice for him to make me do this much work on my birthday, he said he was just trying to make me feel young. BUT at the top it was stunning! The clouds were rolling across the sky and the mountains faded in and out of view while the sunshine filtered down to the water creating fun shapes.

We actually almost felt on top of the world on that giant rock.
When people were climbing down they disappeared as if they'd walked off the earth.
 It was hard, exhausting but so worth it, and it was still a lot of fun.

This is what we climbed to the top of :

Then hubs took me to a birthday dinner at Howe's Brewery. I brought 1 present with me to open on my birthday and part of it was this sweater and necklace my sister got me,so of course I had to wear my new clothes out that night. I was totally overdressed but, meh, I was happy.

 Then we headed to our campsite that was along the water and watched the sun setting while building a fire.It was a really neat camping spot. The tide had come in while we were gone and the water was right up to the edge of us.

Then hubs made me a birthday s'more and sang to me :) It was one of my favorite s'mores ever.

We got rained on that night and packed up a very wet tent, headed home and watched movies on the couch the next day with milkshakes. It was a great whirlwind of a weekend and I'm so glad we can now say we made it to Canada!

Canada : Vancouver

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  1. Those pictures are amazing! It looks so pretty!

    When you said it felt like you were on top of the world I pictured you two doing the Titanic think with your arms spread out!

    I love that sweater! It looks good on you!