Baker Lake

 This weekend was stunning! It was, dare I say, hot in Seattle. Even got a little sunburn.
A friend from college who was in engineering with Josh was up with us this weekend so we had a very full weekend. On Saturday we headed out to Mt. Baker and hiked part of Baker Lake. The mountain is still mostly covered in snow so we had to stay pretty low in elevation, but we could still see lots of mountains.

Almost more crazy than the mountains everywhere is that we had 9 people hiking with us! I've never hiked out here with so many people. It was impressive we alll arrived at about the same time. It was an awesome time on an awesome clear day.

bleeding heart flowers

 We ended our hike at a beach where we hung out for a few hours

 So excited we were able to head out for a long hike with so many friends! Hoping for much more of this (sunshine & hiking) in the near future.

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