Engineer filled Visit

Hung out with a bunch of engineers this weekend :)
One is living in Seattle on her rotation the other was travelling the west coast.
We ate so so so much food including burgers with bacon jam, poutine fries, cracking open seafood piled on the table (I stayed outta that one), old KFC made into tacos, taco trucks, gelato, milkshakes!

It was a crazy gorgeous weekend too! Hottest in forever, and you could even call it hot! Sleeveless and skirts!! What?!?! So we spent a lot of time outside, and have a little sunburn to prove it. Did a run of the parks and watched the boats.

Spent our nights in Capitol Hill and the boys went bike riding one night and stopped at Gasworks for the fire baton people.Very fun weekend, but also super busy we even stopped by a work friend's Cinco de Mayo party for some beer and enchiladas. So this week we will be takin it slow! (except for Monday where we went out and Joshua met me and my friend until 11pm, oops)

Also : On Friday I went to Product Runway, an interior design event where offices design outfits using a reps materials like tile, furniture, etc. It was a lot of fun- there were drag queens walking around handing out cotton candy , free glass of champagne, belly dancers, acrobatics, and lots of fun outfits.

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