2nd Anniversary

Today is our 2nd year anniversary!
I'm so excited to call Joshua my husband and daily he shows me how glad he is I'm his wife.
I thank God for what we have and how He has blessed us with growth over this 2nd year.
I'm constantly learning more about God's love through being married to Joshua
and even though sometimes it's hard and hard to put myself aside ,
I love that we're unravelling God's plans for us together

Some parts of our wedding I remember better than others -
I don't remember almost anything our pastor said,
I do remember never losing your gaze while we stood up there
and the way you looked at me
and the feelings that were surrounding and inside me,
and I remember all our family and frinds having a
giant party afterwards and never wanting it to end

The party may now be just the 2 of us most of the time,
 but I'm still loving every second of it
Happy 2 year anniversary Hubs!
Love you so much

I wrote this out one day because there were little things I never wanted to forget.
I hand wrote it out and hung it above our bed, it's our love story:

Freshman year- 4th floor, Daniel's Hall,
Joshua saw her walking in
He was playing ukere with friends,
he whispered to one of them-
she is the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen
he knocked on her door and asked her to join,
she said yes.

One night watching a movie with friends
he reached over and grabbed her hand.
their hearts both fluttered.

Another night she asked him -
will you just kiss me already,
he replied with his lips.

Then came a year
full of 5am phone calls
cheap movies and stargazing.

They flirted and pined,
fought and apologized,
learned to know each other's hearts

Until, while hiking in North Carolina 
he held her back and they fell behind the rest
he asked her if she trusted him
and then asked her to be his,
she said yes.

School sent her traveling and he went to visit
boston-snowy walks and high-rise dinners,
chicago-late night drinks and stolen cars,
seattle-bike rides and parks by night
filled them with romance and adventure,

One cold winter day he to parked outside a church,
a church he knew she wanted to be married in,
he pulled out a piece of leather,
tied it around her finger
and asked -Marry me,
she said yes.

Fast forward to June
in that same very church
standing in front of God and family,
starring only into each other's eyes,
they said yes.

A week later, belongings all packed
they hoped in the truck and drove off
for a cross-country honeymoon
and to their new home Seattle
to figure out the beginning of their new adventure

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