2nd versary Kayaking

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary with a kayaking trip. We've both been talking about renting some to take up to a lake and explore and this was the perfect time to embark upon it.
We drove up to Spada Lake and had the whole thing to ourselves until the very end of the day. It was misty and beautiful and halfway through the sun broke through and opened up to the mountains. It was so fun to be all alone celebrating our marriage in the middle of a lake. So serene to just hear your paddles in the water and have conversations in the middle of this beauty.

Hubs packed lunches and we paddled out to a small rocky front and relaxed.

We've had a great 2 years and though there are rough patches we can't wait to see how we grow and develop together into year 3. God has blessed us in so many ways and the support and love from all our family and friends in our marriage has been one of those big blessings! Thanks to all of you!

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