To Orcas & to Community

Sunset on the summer solstice while on the ferry

This past weekend our small group headed to Orcas Island to stay at our friend's parent's cabin. It was beautiful, restful, and right on the ocean. We spent time in the sun, watching sunsets, tempting our bravery in the cold ocean, lifting up rocks to find creatures, throwing the dog Bowie's ball, eating, eating more food, taking turns cooking, snuggling, doing group yoga, prancersizing, being very goofy...

Elrod's turn for breakfast, Challah French toast & Frittata

so so so many crabs, lifting up rocks sent tons scattering

starfish and sea stars

Bowie loves fetch

playing with the ocean finds

Liz sticking limpets to Jenna's nose :)

jellyfish, my favorite!!

a Mexican dinner

on top of all that goodness we also spent a time listening to each other's life stories, giving one another affirmation, worshiping, and learning to love each other deeper. It was such a treasure to be able to spend the weekend with this amazing group of people who have come to love us and make us feel cherished.

taken by Ryan Putnam, sadly Jeni wasn't fit into this frame

So sad that some of them won't be here again next year but so thankful for all that this group has been to Joshua and I.

chasing rabbits with carrots

We missed our ferry and had to wait 3 more hours for the next one and that may have been one of my favorite times together there, we picnicked, chased bunnies, ran, jumped, yelled, sang, twirled and were just ourselves around each other. And around 11:30pm Sunday we finally rolled home. Very wonderful, life giving weekend.

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