Weekend Happenings

We had a scattered pretty random weekend. But one of those random weekends that accidentally turn out really fun and relaxing. I love when not having plans results in lots of great hang out time.

On Friday we cooked out with some friends, ah they make amazing food, and ate dinner on their patio watching the sun go down over the city.

Saturday we layed around, haircuts, farmer's market trip and then biked over to the criteron in Ballard (it's a bicycle race where they closed off streets and cyclists race really close to one another and every once in awhile have whince inducing crash) One of Josh's co-workers was helping run it so we hung out and ate pizza the size of our faces while tons of men whizzed around us on bicycles. Then we met up with some other friends and went to a pretty shady bar to hang out for a bit. A new guy we just met took some of the pretty rad photos below :)

Sunday was perfect and sunny. Joshua took off with some friends on a 60 mile bike ride! And I met up with a friend to walk around greenlake with her dog and have a long lazy brunch in the sunshine ( I had fried french toast while Joshua burned off every calorie in his body, oops)

Then we went over to a friend's house that night to settle in for a good ol game of Thunderstone. Not my best game, but really fun nonetheless.

Ah I love weekends full of lovely people where we don't have to do much work to let it happen. It's one of my happy places. Ugh now off to Monday and my barre class with a friend. It's gonna hurt! (but it's okay because afterwards we drink wine and eat back all we worked off while talking all night)

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