Couch Time

The other night we sat on the couch after we both finally got home from work...

Preface: We've both had long weeks and had to go into work most of Sunday. We've done fun things but the have all been filled with other people or out of town friends. Life has felt very busy, rushed and exhausting the past few weeks. And this week we were hitting very low in our tanks.

...and Joshua looked at me and asked "will you go on a date with me tomorrow, I want to take you out. I've missed you lately and want time with you to myself"

It felt like I'd finally stopped holding my breath. I needed that and wanted that so badly.
But also, I loved that he asked me out on a date. He didn't just tell me we were going or whine that we needed to go do something. He made me feel special even in his exhaustion and weariness.

Feeling tired, overworked and oversocialized can sometimes mean we are shorter with each other, but moments like that show me how glad I am that I'm not doing it all without him. Marriage has taught us both so much about ourselves- and I feel like those moments when we finally land on our couch, just the two of us, all our work and prayers reveal themselves. I can see how we're learning to cherish what we have and who each other is and becoming.

We'll be celebrating 2 years of marriage this month and obviously we will be learning on this for the rest of our lives, but sometimes it's nice to see how we've grown with one another over these 2 years.

And then we got dressed up the next night and he took me out to dinner & gleato :)

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  1. I can't believe it will be two years already! Congrats!